QuickBooks 2020 new Features

Intuit always find ways to ensure that the QuickBooks accounting system encompasses new features that are interesting and have a lot of advantages to all its users and is well suited for growing business that range from small to medium enterprises.

The year-end has brought a lot of excitement as intuit has launched the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop 2020 which has new features that are aimed at ensuring that growing your business is made easier and productive. QuickBooks 2019 saw some features which included Invoice tracker, go to pay bills button and improved IIF import feature but the 2020 version comes with more improved features which are summarized below;

Automated Payment Reminders

Following up on trade receivables can be a hustle and consume most of the day’s productive hours by identifying overdue invoices and composing emails. Intuit saw the need to cut down on time spent on follow ups so as to ensure other productivity through the Automatic payment reminders to be sent to customers on overdue debts. One can schedule, review and send payment reminders to customers for their due or overdue invoices.

Automatically add customer Purchase Order Numbers to Invoice emails

There is now an option to insert the customer’s purchase order number to the subject line of the email you send the customer with the invoice attached. This allows your customers the ability to search their email by purchase order number, and not have to open up each attachment.

This has an advantage that If you work with customers who need to connect purchase orders to their invoices, you can make life easier for them by adding their PO number as the first thing they see in the subject of invoice email.

Combine multiple emails

Emails to customers can now be sent easily and a customer who has a job that requires different corresponding invoices to be sent at the same time than having to send different emails with invoices. This has an advantage of ensuring that the customer receives all the emails at once to avoid scenarios were they do not find some invoices as they will be a lot of emails sent to client.

Company file search

Easily find and open your company files with the addition of a file search option on the No company open screen.

Easier Admin password reset

Company File Admin Password can now be reset without needing to enter a long list of information to make sure it’s you! Just pick your email from a drop down list of emails registered with your QuickBooks and enter the token you’ll receive to reset your Admin password.

Enhanced Accessibility

Accessibility enhancements to improve usability for vision-challenged users on the Bills, Invoice and Write Check screens.

Collapse columns in reports

If you have complex reporting, you can now collapse columns in reports with jobs and classes to view customer totals or class totals without scrolling or exporting to Excel.

Smart Help

Press F1 for improved content and search experience, or access care agents through messaging and call back options.

This new version is not one to miss out on a chance to upgrade as the new features are tailor made for your company and aimed at making your business grow in any country or economy