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M & J Business Starter Packs

Our starter packs are designed to help you gain credibility with the market, sell more and grow. 

The Starter Packs

Our Business Starter Packs encompass will not only help get your business registered, you will get all the essentials to ensure you hit the ground running by giving you everything you need to convince your customers that your business is operational and credible.

Silver Business Starter Pack

ZMW 7500
  • LLC Company Registration
  • Business Bank Opening Assistance
  • Tax Clearence Certificate
  • Company Logo
  • Company Profile

Platinum Business Starter Pack

ZMW 10300
  • LLC Company Registration
  • Business Bank Opening Assistance
  • Tax Clearence Certificate
  • Company Logo
  • Regular Business Website
  • Company Profile


What is an LLC

An LLC is for  all business sizes and can take a minimum of two directors and shareholders. Foreign investors can fully own an LLC. 

How long does the design process take

For Websites, 7 working days. Logos take 3 working days and company profiles take 5 working days. All packages come with complementary business cards. 

How long does the Registration Process take?

The registration period takes 2-3 Weeks for an LLC provided everything is in place. 

Why should I have a Website?

A website can act as two things, your digital company profile or your 24/7 Salesperson or both. A website is an essential tool to show people you mean business. If done right, you can generate leads and close more sales using your website. 

Get Started

Please fill in the form to get more information from our team. When you submit your details to us, expect a call from a dedicated account manager within the next 1 – 24 hrs

To give you a brief on our packages, they are structures as follows 

1. Platinum Starter Pack (LLC Registration + Website + Business Profile)

2. Silver Starter Pack(LLC Registration + Business Profile)

The information you submit will only be used for purposes related to M&J and it’s partner companies and will not be used for any purposes other than those stated in our terms and conditions.