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Investor Permits


Investor Residence Permit Application Services

  1. Permit may be issued to a person who possesses substantial financial means and is prepared to invest in Zimbabwe without engaging in any occupation.

    1. Fully completed residence permit application form (IF5)
    2. Letter addressed to the Chief Director of Immigration, requesting for issuance of permit
    3. Passport biodata page
    4. Two passport size photos
    5. Police clearance from country of residence (not older than 6 months)
    6. Marriage certificate, children’s birth certificates if applicable
    7. Passport biodata of spouse and children if applicable
    8. Chest X-ray certificate
    9. Banking history from country of origin including loans advanced to applicant
    10. Proof of funds available for transfer (Promissory notes, loan agreements or undertaking to finance project by a credible Financial Institution)
    11. Proof and value of equipment to be imported
    12. Project proposal
    13. Company profile
    14. Certificate of incorporation
    15. Memorandum and articles of association
    16. CR6 (registered office address)
    17. CR14 (list of directors)
    18.  Valid Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) Licence
    19. Site map and directions from the nearest town
    20. Mining companies to submit Environmental Impact Assessment certificates from Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and claim certificates from Ministry of Mines
    21. Current list of all expatriates and local employees (include ID numbers, National Social Security Authority (NSSA) numbers and contact numbers)
    22. Passport biodata page and permit copy  (if any)  for all foreign shareholders


  • Copies of all documents to be sufficiently authenticated, those from outside Zimbabwe are to be notarized in the prescribed manner whilst those from within may be certified by commissioners of oaths
  • All translations to be in English and the copies of original documents to be tendered.
  • Translations to be done by reputable  institutions (preferably government entities)
  • All extensions to be done three (3) months prior to expiry of current permit.

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